The Beans Group is a media company that runs youth media brand Student Beans and youth insights consultancy Voxburner. Here's a snapshot of our journey so far...



James graduates and Mike winds up his ebay business. The two entrepreneurs launch studentbeans.com in Birmingham and are accepted onto The Prince's Trust Enterprise Programme receiving a low interest loan


Student Beans scales across the UK to reach millions of students all without any external capital or funding which enables us to diversify our activities in later years. Daniel Nabarro (figleaves.com founder) is appointed to our board


The Beans Group Ltd was incorporated to house Student Beans and to incubate a number of other bean based ventures


We experiment with a number of digital and offline product innovations from a student ski trip to a student battle of the bands. We define our 25 year vision to touch the lives of 100 million young people every day.


The Beans Group acquires Reach Students, a student marketing consultancy. Student Beans launches the award winning national online freshers fair. The Youth 100, an annual look at the top 100 brands according to young people, launches


Voxburner launches as the Groups’ independent youth insights consultancy. Student Beans publishes its first ever book ‘The Ultimate Student Cookbook’ and The Beans Group wins Digital Business of the Year at the National Business Awards


Student Beans iD, the UK’s digital student card launches with our first mobile app Voxbuner takes the industry leading event Youth Marketing Strategy to New York and we open a new office in Birmingham to help us expand the team to build new digital products 

The Future

To infinity and beyond!

The ideas, execution and passion are an inspiration. The Beans Group are a worthy winner and the whole team should be very proud
— David Keene, Head of Enterprise Marketing, Google and Judge, National Business Awards

Everything we do is to empower young people to thrive


By 2035 we want to reach 100 million young people every day and touch their lives for the better.

*(Our Big Hairy and Audacious Goal)


  • Show that you care
  • Celebrate mistakes
  • Create fun
  • Deliver results that Wow
  • Don’t forget to put the cherry on the cake