Introducing Hexjam

New home for youth lifestyle content

Hexjam is an exciting new home for the popular youth lifestyle content we have been producing under the Student Beans brand for over 5 years. We’ve now given this product the spotlight it deserves under a new name that’s more reflective of where we are now as a brand.

Our audience have grown up. We’re with them not only during their sixth form and university days, but far beyond that through graduation, first-time jobs and a ‘scary’ adult world. Hexjam is a lifestyle publication for everyone who’s growing up, but still falling down.

We’re still passionate about student issues, which will be a continued feature of Hexjam content, but there’s a load of new and exciting stuff to come: even more original content and videos that push creative boundaries. Hexjam content is a blend of fun, useful, inspirational, identity-reinforcing and topical and is instantly sharable.

We will continue to work with brands and agencies to help them reach our users. Branded content will help to weave their brand message into custom articles that our users relate to, whilst amplifying the message through high impact display, social media and our weekly Best Bits email newsletter.  

We wanted to put our content front and centre and give it the spotlight it deserves, rather than hidden between offers and discounts. Separating our product offerings into two unique brands makes sense for both our users and the partners we work with. As we continue to grow our audience, we’re excited for the next chapter of our journey and making Hexjam the UK’s largest youth lifestyle online publisher.
— Michael Eder, Managing Director of The Beans Group


Student Beans continues to be the home of student offers and discounts. We know how much students love saving money and this continues to be an important part of our offering.

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