North London businesses come together to form Kentish Cluster

James Eder brings tech and media community together to share ideas and knowledge


James Eder, Founder of The Beans Group, is excited to announce the launch of a brand new community - Kentish Cluster - that will bring together the many fantastic businesses in the Kentish Town area to share ideas, business knowledge and to simply have a drink together and get to know each other.

Moving to the Kentish Town area last November, James and the team discovered a number of great businesses not only in our building but in the whole area. James thought it was about time that we introduced ourselves and got together, coming up with the idea to formalise the Cluster of businesses in the area. And so the idea of Kentish Cluster was born.

Kentish Cluster will host its inaugural drinks meetup on Friday 25th April 2014 from 6pm onwards in The Grafton in Kentish Town.

James has collaborated with other Founding Supporters in the local area including Zoe Cunningham, MD of Softwire, Titus Sharpe, Founder of MVF Global, Tom Kihl, Co-editor of The Kentishtowner, and Justine Roberts, Founder of Mumsnet.

Talking about the idea, James says,

There has been an obvious focus on Tech City and there is a perception of Old Street and Silicon Roundabout being the centre for what is happening in the tech space. I think it means other areas haven’t had the chance to shine and as Kentish Cluster shows, we’ve got some of the best award winning businesses in the UK situated right here in North London. Being part of Kentish Cluster is a great way of bringing the community together to share challenges and a drink. There are so many people doing amazing things, we’re all working hard to create something and get North London on the map in the tech space.

Zoe Cunnigham, MD of Softwire adds '’People mistakenly think that technology and inter-connectedness means that we can interact just as well with companies anywhere in the world, but the truth is that we can form much more meaningful relationships by simply talking to our neighbours. By getting to know the businesses near us in Kentish Town Softwire have found long term clients and collaborators and had a lot of fun.’’

More information on Kentish Cluster can be found at and you can register for the event here:

Or join in the conversation:


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