Young people have trust issues with Facebook

New research shows fundamental concerns with privacy, and negativity around F-commerce.

Young people in the UK have serious trust issues with Facebook, according to new research from The Beans Group’s Youth Insight Report which was launched at Youth Marketing Strategy 2012 on Thursday 21 June.

The survey of 1,698 university students in the UK reveals that 68% dislike using websites that integrate Facebook’s API to share their personal information.

An overwhelming 91% do not want to use their Facebook account to pay for things online and over a third of respondents (39%) say they have no interest in talking to brands on the social platform.

While Facebook has almost complete saturation of the UK student market, with 97% of those surveyed using it, the overriding mood of respondents is negative when it comes to security, privacy and marketing.

Luke Mitchell, Head of Youth Strategy at The Beans Group and co-organiser of Youth Marketing Strategy says “Facebook is now seen as essential to the everyday functionality of many young people, with some even experiencing anxiety when they don’t have access to check their messages and see friends’ photos.

“But they are very protective of it as an entirely social space where business and marketing doesn’t belong. Brands that fit in are those that are respectful of this, sharing content that is relevant to the context of their relationship.

“Concerns about privacy and security actually seem to be escalating as Facebook pushes further with its frictionless sharing ambitions. Young people feel they are losing control on their data and continue to see activities like ‘clickjacking’, where unscrupulous websites exploit Facebook to post spam in users’ newsfeeds.”

The report also reveals social media usage including Google+ and Pinterest, as well as youth interest in innovations including QR codes and iris recognition.

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Photo credit: Ed Yourton