Netflix growth supported by UK student usage

Young people love streaming. New evidence shows Lovefilm is suffering as Netflix expands.

Neflix claims this week that it is now ahead of Lovefilm “in every important streaming-related metric” in the UK market.

This claim is supported by research The Beans Group conducted among its 250,000+ student database in spring 2012. It shows that the US firm made a huge impact in a short amount of time.

Launched only in January 2012, by late April Netflix was used by 10% of all UK students for online streaming - representing around ¼ million young people. At that time Lovefilm was used by 12% and Sky led them at 14%.

Assuming growth continued into June and July at a similar pace, it seems highly likely the trailblazing streaming service would soon surpass Lovefilm.

A huge 75% of UK students watch TV and film on their laptops. However BBC’s iPlayer is by far the favourite place to stream; 87% of those surveyed use it.

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